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Originally Posted by RPiM5 View Post
Yes kind of. Mazda has no real plans for going electric and I think they'll do just fine far more fuel efficient ICE engines than most other companies, although I don't know what their European sales sheet looks like.

It's basically all because of Elon Musk and there last no denying the capability that can be achieved in 1/4 mile and 0-60 times with Electric Cars. But M is changing more to those two measurements of performance because of Elon. For example, we don't see BMW really making M cars that are lighter weight to achieve magnificent Nurburgring lap times anymore, instead what's selling is the notion that electric cars offer less pollution and better everyday usable performance to Joe rich guy who has his choice between a Tesla and a BMW. In that sense, yes perception can matter.

At least we'll get one more generation of a Naturally Aspirated Porsche GT3 before Euro regulations kill everything.

Also forgot to mention Cadillac is at least trying to keep things pure. Soon we'll see a four door sedan with a 650hp Supercharged engine with RWD only and a manual transmission with a weight of maybe under 4,200lbs. It won't have the quality fit, finish, and luxury of a German car but it'll be fun. As I've said before, not everyone wants a soulless 0-60 and 1/4 mile car.
Mazda does have plans to go Electric...