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I basically said fuck it and bought sottozero 3s in 285's for the rear and sottozero 2s in 275 for the front, all in 20's. I know you aren't supposed to mix and match, but I have a hard time believing I'm going to crash because of mismatched tires. The 3's are discounted on tire rack for super cheap right now. I'm putting them on my stock comp wheels and will get new summer wheels/tires in the spring.
Does this mean you'd dump the stock summer tires? Curious - why not keep them and put them on in spring? Would they fit?
Haven't decided if I am going to get 21's or not. If I stick with 20's, I'll keep them. I lost the tire lottery and got the pirelli's, so I'm not the biggest fan of them in the first place.
Got it, thanks.