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BMW E30 320is with 10,000 RPM sounds sick

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2.0l naturally aspirated S14 Engine screams at 10,000RPM

This is Patrick Orth´s BMW 320is E30 and it is not only one of the best sounding BMW´s in the German Berg-Cup series, but also one of the fastest. Masterfully driven, this 2.0L Naturally Aspirated S14 Engined Monster is producing a sonorous 315Hp/10.000Rpm distributed to the rear wheels through a Tractive 6-Speed Gerbox to move the 835Kg Classic machine.

Tuned by GERENT Rennsporttechnik, it is pretty much the "BMW Motorsport Purists" dream, combining a highly strung, NA version of the Legendary S14 powerplant with lightweight dynamics devoid of any Electronic assists and just dependant of the driver´s skill. And on that Department, Mr. Orth, certainly doesn´t leave anything on the table.

This was also probably the last Season this Monster has raced in its 2.0L version. The engine is being sold and rumours are that during this year a new 2.5L NA unit will be installed. Should be interesting....

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