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Originally Posted by Jon7 View Post
Picked up my new M5C in Singapore Grey, 20 plate, on day one from Chester and drove home to East Midlands. Discount was £20k off retail. I have Matt brace bars as that question seems to thread a lot? When I found the car one of the questions I asked the salesman was ďDoes it have adaptive headlights?Ē He replied it did. Day three I went out for a night drive only to find that it does but not high beam assist. Why would a manufacturer offer one without the other?

Also Iím a bit annoyed with the Connected app. Unable to check out with CarPlay. An error occurs. Canít load 3D Remote View as the cameras canít be activated. In summary ďUn-Connected ď is more apt. BMW could learn a lot from rival apps I think.

Final moan. Iím hoping that I get some snap, crackle and pop after my 1200 run in service? I havenít really pushed the revs and even now only have 250 miles on it but why do I feel that I may be disappointed?

All that said itís a fantastically responsive machine with a great cabin and exterior presence. A bit of a change from the 911 Targa 4GTS daily drive that Iíve just said goodbye to.
Unfortunately you don't get the pops and cracks from 2020 due to new EU regulations. Have seen a few videos, and the difference is massive between 2019 and 2020 modells, in terms of cracks and exhaust noise. But you can always retrofit something on it, if you want to .
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