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Originally Posted by stewie177 View Post
Picked it up on Friday and already very impressed, especially having spent an hour in my garage setting it up as I want - I already cannot wait until 1201.

A couple of observations though:
- Seems to sit high on the suspension and so makes the wheels look quite small, but I would imagine as it runs in this will settle somewhat
- The 4wd really tucks the nose in, much more than the M4 and it makes a tangible difference, particularly with Storm Dennis and wet roads
- The car shrinks on the road because of the handling
- Having come from an Exige with over 400 horses, the torque is amazing, but want the run-in
- The steering is a bit numb, there's no hint of when it's about the give way - it is purely for what I would call a road monologue - me talking to the road and it not talking to me - this may be a hangover from the Exige, but you can tell if it was moving an inch
- Only under breaking does the car show its weight, or the fact it's a torque converter box - is there a setting that gives you engine breaking?

Otherwise, it's ALL good

In tomorrow for a ceramic coat, so I lose it for a couple of days...
Suspension sits high but should settle a bit .. not much.

The 20" wheels will continue to look small unless you go with aftermarket suspension and eliminate some of the gap.

These cars swallow up 21" wheels as well.
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