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It's arrived

Picked it up on Friday and already very impressed, especially having spent an hour in my garage setting it up as I want - I already cannot wait until 1201.

A couple of observations though:
- Seems to sit high on the suspension and so makes the wheels look quite small, but I would imagine as it runs in this will settle somewhat
- The 4wd really tucks the nose in, much more than the M4 and it makes a tangible difference, particularly with Storm Dennis and wet roads
- The car shrinks on the road because of the handling
- Having come from an Exige with over 400 horses, the torque is amazing, but want the run-in
- The steering is a bit numb, there's no hint of when it's about the give way - it is purely for what I would call a road monologue - me talking to the road and it not talking to me - this may be a hangover from the Exige, but you can tell if it was moving an inch
- Only under breaking does the car show its weight, or the fact it's a torque converter box - is there a setting that gives you engine breaking?

Otherwise, it's ALL good

In tomorrow for a ceramic coat, so I lose it for a couple of days...