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The M5 sounds terrible. The E63 looks terrible.

E63 interior looks like a brothel. M5 interior looks bland.

Both are overpriced.

Conclusion - spend the money on something else
something slower that sounds worse and is less comfortable and cheap inside. like an m3. jkjk i actually like m3/4 sound (with right set up) and with ext leather is nice inside. both are very overpriced considering theyll be sold on used market for half the price in 2-3 years.
I wouldn't buy any M car brand new. There value at one year is what they should be sold for imo.

They are all mass produced and poor quality wise. The M5 will rattle just like an M3 in time.

If pure speed is what you are after there are better money propositions.

If you can see $260 K value in a new M5 then your eye sight is better than mine. After upgrading the exhaust to make it sound better than a kia stinger add 15k.

Having driven one, the exterior is boring, the interior is dull, the car sounds shit and the drive is as boring as the exterior. Not only does the M5 not have the looks of an M car it doesn't even drive like one.
havent driven the newest one but from what i hear everyone seems to love it (of course when conp pack comes out theyll say the original was shit etc etc). there was a test around a small circuit where it beat an m2 pre nicely. as far as build quality idk my f10 is sold as fuck at 137k km. i dont see how theyd fuck up build quality in one gen but i dont like the f90 not having fully ext leather. its expected on m3/4 but for $120k base(canadian) thats some cost cutting shit. making it sound good is alooott cheaper than 15k lol. like 200$ with resonator delete and leave valves in open postion.