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"Coupe" should be actually written (and pronounced "koo · pei") as "coupé" with the acute accent, it's a French word and means "cut" (past participle). It originally meant the they took a 4-door sedan and "cut" the middle part between the front door and the trunk.
This is a regional thing. But here's why you're wrong.

As a Chinese American, When I go to Chinese restaurants, I don't want to hear non-native speakers try for 15 minutes not to absolutely murder the pronounciation of "chow mien"

Just say "chow main" like you want to, we all know what you mean and you don't have to make your mouth into weird shapes to form tones you've never spoken before.

Likewise, I'm American, I'm gonna say "coupe" with one syllable and the French can deal with it.
Totally agree. Regional preferences in language is far older than the automobile. I don't pronounce aluminum the way the British do either. I'll go further and say this also applies to Porsche.