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Originally Posted by sqwinny View Post
They are cool, and I appreciate them, however I in the USA would never buy one. The issue is the station wagon has a sigma to them of the early 90s and scream family mobile until the mini van and suv took off.

I would however glady sell my F30 and pick up a M140i in a heartbeat. Too bad the US doesn't get those, nor the Focus St 5 cylinder back in the day. The US market doesn't care about hot hatches anymore, its all sedans and crossover SUV's.
US Stigmas are so awkward and weird. My wife is the same way "We can NEVER drive a minivan."

Why? Why do you need an offroad vehicle to traverse the school yard? Somehow tough mom's shaped this weird world view where they'd rather pull up to soccer in a Yukon Denali XL that gets 14mpg than a "van" or "mini van" which has all the interior space, better visibility and handling. It's one thing if it double as a tow vehicle but 99% of the moms don't even have a hitch on the thing.

Even the idea of the "compact" Crossover is stupid. "Let's take an econobox and add 3" of ground clearance, make the handling and fuel economy worse but they'll sell like hot cakes"
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