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Originally Posted by MysticBlue View Post
Everything seems to work in BMW Connected works, except Remote 3D View. I get info from it, like Fuel Level, Doors locked and windows up, etc. I can Locate Vehicle, Lock or Unlock Doors, Ventilate, Flash the Lights, Honk the Horn, etc. Every time I try 3D View, it wakes up the car (I can hear a relay), It says "Connection to secure server was made", but hangs at "Activating camera system". Says "error occurred", and "Camera system could not be activated"
I have updated latest software, rebooted idrive, uninstalled the app on my iphone and reinstalled a couple of times. I've talked to BMW Genius and Connected Drive people several times. Last time (a couple days ago) they punted me back and forth between the two entities several times and I finally ended up on the phone with connected drive people who said they needed to generate a ticket. Was put on hold 4 or 5 times and was on the phone for about an hour. She finally told me that the 3D View currently doesn't work from their end, and has been out of commission for quite some time and they don't know when it will be back. I asked her why they kept me on the phone for an hour if it hasn't been working for several weeks. At this point I don't trust that she knew what she was doing and just wanted to get me off the phone. Anybody been able to use this feature in the last few weeks? That's when I took deliver and haven't seen it work yet.
Works no problem for me
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