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Originally Posted by Quickburn7 View Post
I just hit 15k miles with this amazing car and so far here are my impressions:

- Unlike others have experienced I still have no rattles at all inside the car. I have a very early HEA build and it was built like a tank. I have H&R springs and the roads to and from my house are canyons that have not been repaved in a decade so the car gets abused.
- I am still amazed at how it changes character at the press of a button. I have not owned a car before that can go from such a comfortable, docile car to a tightly sprung, angry, high revving canyon eater like the M5 going from full efficient to full sports plus. It really is Jekyll and Hyde in a car.
- I love how inconspicuous it is and only car people know what it is. This allows me to go anywhere without feeling like people are looking and at work at least I don't feel like a jerk pulling into meetings.
- It is a large car but never feels that way. It's shrinks around itself when maneuvering around traffic and in the twisty stuff.
- I have a few mods but this car is as great as it was from the factory. The exhaust mod is a must though. I have the eisenmann race with the M Sport mid pipes and also removed the resonators. It can get loud and drones but I prefer that than the quiet stock system or even the eisenmann performance exhaust system I had in before.
- I have learned to ignore my check engine lights as they usually go away in a couple of days. The car heals itself!
- The car is a monster in a straight line and comparable to but more impressive than my 812 or GT2rs. Those are very expensive super cars. What impressed me most is that this is a very heavy, 5 seater big sedan that in most conditions can match those cars in a straight line!
The negatives:
- I haven't had the best of luck with this particular car. I've had 2 idiots drive into me which did not cause much damage but still had to repair and paint.
- The oil cooler NEEDS to be protected better from the factory. The fact that it isn't is just plain negligent considering how easily it is to puncture, and how quickly the engine will seize. I had to replace my engine and it cost my insurance $60k to repair because a stick went right through the oil cooler. I highly recommend the IND oil cooler guard for this car. It's not worth not having it installed.
- The brakes on my car ( non ceramic ) make more noise than the first generation Porsche or Mercedes carbon brakes when cold. It's embarrassing in stop and go traffic and BMW said they did all they can to eliminate it. ( replaced rotors and pads twice) it's just mind blowing to me that all other manufacturers can make quiet, high performance brake pads but not BMW?
- My car was flagged for having a RaceChip ( my fault and long story) however come on BMWNA. This is just a bad policy!

I change my daily drivers almost every year since I drive about 30k miles a year split between my M5 and my Range Rover. All I can say about this car is that despite issues and bad luck it is still the best daily driver I have ever owned and have not found any other car on the market that can entice me to switch.
black on black? looks sweet