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1 hour labor max. That's being generous. For someone who's never done it, it won't take you more than an hour.

Edit: As far as cost of spoiler, I'm finding the OEM pro spoiler for $648 online.

Hope this helps
Walked back my original response to you. I apologize. Apparently, I neglected to read your whole post! So did you install one yourself?

What about removing a pre-existing one and replacing it with the pro? Still just 1 hour?
The 1 hour time frame includes removal.

Yes I have done it on my wife's F80 M3, and I plan on doing it to my F90 M5 that I just picked up. The longest part is removing the old adhesive, for which I've found a heat gun and 3M auto adhesive remover and some old micro fibers to work best
Next time you "Rubber Eraser wheel" it is specifically made to take of that glue without damaging paint and does it very quickly! And those things are very cheap.

To the Op: About F90 spoiler, I'd say it takes a good 1.5-2hours. If you are planing to use OEM Pro spoiler, that one gets mounted with Betalink, as the cavity is too deep for double sided tape. Betalink needs to be applied carefully so it doesn't become a huge mess, and it is time consuming.

Once finished and the betalink settles, the spoiler gap is less 1-2mm and looks as it is almost moulded to the trunk. I love it!