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Originally Posted by Cyberdemon View Post
US Stigmas are so awkward and weird. My wife is the same way "We can NEVER drive a minivan."

Why? Why do you need an offroad vehicle to traverse the school yard? Somehow tough mom's shaped this weird world view where they'd rather pull up to soccer in a Yukon Denali XL that gets 14mpg than a "van" or "mini van" which has all the interior space, better visibility and handling. It's one thing if it double as a tow vehicle but 99% of the moms don't even have a hitch on the thing.

Even the idea of the "compact" Crossover is stupid. "Let's take an econobox and add 3" of ground clearance, make the handling and fuel economy worse but they'll sell like hot cakes"
I don't, however America likes to be sold on the idea of things, not necessarily put them into action. Same thing applies to Jeep and that line of vehicles. It screams "America" and is lifted up high. You can go "hiking, see the country, not have anything hold you back" however 99% of those vehicles see only city streets period. Bigger = stronger = safer in most America's eyes.

Crossover SUV's were seen as a short term answer to the Jeep, and the older generation (Baby Boomers and above) liked the raised SUV as a larger vehicle made you feel more important, larger than your friends, and you didn't have to bend your knees as much to get in and out. Thus a mini SUV which is a similar height to only have t scoot over to sit and get out of is appealing. Many friends and family members alone switched from a car/sedan to a mini crossover SUV due to feeling higher as well as not having to squat to get into their cars. Add obesity to this mix and it's less "fat phobic and accommodating" compared to a standard sedan (I despise the fat positive movement and haes with a passion).

Also the increased cargo room. Sure you can do this with a wagon but its not as cool. You don't need a full blown pickup truck when you can use your SUV to fold down the seats and have the around 80% of the carrying random things capacity. It's more of a "vehicle that can do everything but not quite perfect at one particular thing" kind of survival/minimal vehicle.