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Ironically every BMW I've had and serviced….the mechanics have always said the same thing - Bosch plugs are utter garbage. I just got my M5C a couple months ago but I'm assuming I'll be changing them somewhere between 12-14k from what these past mechanics told me.
I was the parts manager at a Southern California authorized BMW car dealership in the early to late 70's. At that time all US model BMW's (1602/2002, 2500/2800/Bavaria and 2800CS/3.0CS) used the same Bosch spark plug, a W200T30.

If you drove the BMW like you drove a Buick, you would foul the plugs. The W200T30 was just too cold for the US market but try telling that to the all-knowing BMW AG and Hoffman Motors (Max Hoffman was BMW's US distributor before BMW NA took over in the mid 70's). Much to Hoffman Motors chagrin I was able to source a hotter Bosch spark plug, the W175T30 from an outside vendor in Arizona for a third of the price. Fouling problem solved. BMW eventually went to the hotter plug.

Then a vendor that I bought shop supplies, fasteners, Coco floor mats etc. from offered NGK spark plugs. Putting a Japanese spark plug in a German car put BMW AG and Hoffman Motors in a tailspin, but it was a far superior spark plug. I guess some things never change.
Wow great detailed insight. Thank you!!
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