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North Premeet:
Hafiz Is, Mikhail Frost and Cameron Adams will be your Premeet and Drive leaders. The North Premeet will be in the Tacoma Mall Krispy Kreme parking lot

-4302 Tacoma mall BLVD, Tacoma WA 98409

-We will be meeting at 8:30am, departing at 9:15am. We expect all members in attendance to attend the group huddle in which the rules and game plan will be laid out. Enjoy the donuts and coffee and make sure you use the restroom....we won't be stopping anywhere.

Vancouver, Wa Premeet:

Eduardo Torres and Lucian Blága will be your Premeet and Drive leaders. We expect all members in attendance to attend the group huddle in which the rules and game plan will be laid out. This premeet will be held in the LOWER Macy's Parking lot at Westfield Vancouver Mall

-8208 NE Vancouver Mall Dr, Vancouver Wa 98662

-We will be meeting at 11am, departing at 11:30am Sunday morning.

South premeets
Anthony Salfran will be leading both the Eugene/Springfield and Salem premeets.

-Eugene/Springfield will be meeting in the starbucks parking lot at 1499 Mohawk Blvd at 9:15am leaving at 9:45am

-Salem will be meeting in the Home Depot Parking Lot at 3795 Hagers Grove Rd SE, Salem, OR 97317 off of exit 253. Meeting at 10:45, the Eugene/Springfield crew will meet up with the Salem crew, go over the game plan and rules then depart at 11:15am

- All premeets will hold a group huddle before the drive to go over rules and cruise expectations, everyone in attendance will be accounted for and expected to follow the cruise guidelines. Not doing so can and will result in dismissal from the group.
- Stay behind your premeet leader, with exception of photographers. Leaders, photographers, and their cars will be announced during premeet group huddle.
- Premeets will enter the freeway 10mph below the speed limit and maintain that speed for the first 5 miles to ensure that the whole group has gathered and traveling in an organized manner. After that they will continue at a reasonable pace until they reach their destinations.
- No racing, revving, burnouts, or general jackassery will be tolerated.
- This is a family friendly event, no drugs or alcohol will be permitted. If you're going to participate in these activities, please take them elsewhere.
Remember we represent the group and any of the above activities make us all look bad. Let's keep it safe, fun, and make sure everyone gets there in one piece without citations.

Link to register:
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