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Originally Posted by R3dliner View Post
Val thorns is absolutely beautiful. Which valley did you like the best? Ski or snowboarder? (edit: nvm saw your ski boots)
Were you able to cover all 3 valley's? How long did it take?

Also it's just US ski resorts that are expensive as hell. France, Italy, Swiss were all in the 60-70 euro per day.

that person in the photo is my brother and we are both skiers.. we had accommodations for 5 days and for 2 days they had major snow storms so everything was shut down while they blasted avalanche control.. finally when it cleared up we were able to explore around VT and that one day two us ventured to Maribel.. 3 valles is so big by the time we got there taking all the chairs etc to get there and did a few runs it was time to head back to VT otherwise we wouldn't make it back in time.. next time i'm definitely staying 7 days or more.. EU resorts really make the US resorts look like a joke, which is said given the prices we pay for lift tickets here and the lines we have to sit in, ridiculous. Once my kids are older i'm hoping to be making more of these EU ski trips and will not waste time with domestic resorts..