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Originally Posted by Vic55 View Post
So thats the key for some--- Then KW will allow for a perfect set up because you can spin the cog. But the difficult part is how the BMW's rear fender lies vs the front end. For me, I want a similar or almost exact gap on the front fender to wheel and the rear fender to wheel. I think to achieve this, the front has to drop a little further (measured from ground to fender).

I may be wrong in how I just explained this but I hope it made sense.
haha yea, I get what you're saying. I don't think for aesthetics it's best to measure to the ground. Each fender may have a different shape. I would rather measure from the top of the rim to the bottom of the fender to get my equal gaps and then hope that the car has a natural rake to it like the M5 does.

I think the reason that it's kinda of tricky with the f90 is because the fender well shape from from to back is different. I think the front fender well goes up higher. Could be wrong though lol
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