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Originally Posted by Vic55 View Post
So thats the key for some--- Then KW will allow for a perfect set up because you can spin the cog. But the difficult part is how the BMW's rear fender lies vs the front end. For me, I want a similar or almost exact gap on the front fender to wheel and the rear fender to wheel. I think to achieve this, the front has to drop a little further (measured from ground to fender).

I may be wrong in how I just explained this but I hope it made sense.
Well explained Vic.

I'll add the following:

1. If you want a moderate drop (lower than Base or Competition) then KW HAS is the way to go as you can easily balance the wheel gap on all 4 corners. In this setup the rear fender will not be right over the tire but rather about a finger or finger and half over the tire as will be the fronts. It is also a complete system rather than a simple spring replacement and works very well. Performance (body roll) and ride quality is great and you can continue to adjust until you're content.

2. If you like an aggressive drop with your fenders over the tire on all four corners then the H&R M550i springs will do a decent job as it drops the front ever slightly more than the KW HAS at it's lowest setting. KW HAS can get the rears even lower than the H&R M550 springs but the fronts will not go as low essentially creating the dreaded "reverse rake".

3. If you want a perfect aggressive drop on all four corners you're only choice today would be KW V4 but the price point is painful. I've not seen too many cars yet on the MP HAS or Dinan HAS but those may yield interesting results as well.

If you seek a moderate, balanced drop I would go KW HAS all day; quality is 2nd to none as is the performance of this kit.

If you seek something a little more aggressive the HR M550i is your best option; be certain you like this look as these are fixed height springs and will not be able to be adjusted.

If you seek perfection then KW V4 would be the route I would choose; you'll lose EDC with this kit however.

If none of this suits you then explore MP or Dinan HAS kits.
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