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Originally Posted by Vic55 View Post

Jose had both and the M550i actually lowers the front more and he felt the compression and rebound were very close in nature. Plus my guy had the M550i's readily available within 24 hours of my ask. Pricing while not an issue is about 66% less too. After enough pics of the drop and member feedback; I put my trust in my good forum brothers and thankfully and as expected their input paid off.

Edit: I have probably 18 sets of HAS over the years thru branded and private labeling (Ferrari and Lambo were the private) and in reality out of all the drops I had I literally only adjusted one set after the initial drop. So the main or only gain for me with HAS is if the spring rates were dialed up and the H&R's were too bouncy. But in this case I like the compression and rebound.
Makes sense.... I played with mine a few times to get it to my sweet spot. I most likely wont touch it ever again.
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