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[QUOTE=F30lolz;25947122]Ok I know there is a separate thread regarding this but wanted sport fans here to chime in and view your opinions/disagreements with me. ny325, if this offends you or anyone here, or itís the wrong place (I know it is), you can have mods delete this post.

Haha to SALE.
Iíve been saying this since it started in China that this virus will get to every person. The purpose of all these closures is to flatten the curve. We cannot have the hospital overfill in America bc we arenít ready for it. So if we can have smaller waves of infection or to do martial law to wait it out and let it die off then we will.
Many ppl are infection that are unaware and are spreading it. Itís not their fault but itís the virus, what makes it so dangerous and scary. Donít worry it will be over eventually.