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Ok I know there is a separate thread regarding this but wanted sport fans here to chime in and view your opinions/disagreements with me. ny325, if this offends you or anyone here, or it’s the wrong place (I know it is), you can have mods delete this post.

I don’t know about everyone else but the current situation going on here has me very concerned. I’ll admit a few weeks ago I didn’t take this serious and thought it would be over in a week or two. IMHO we will go into a Great Depression IF California’s lockdown turns into Martial Law and I can see other big populated states such as NY, FL and Texas follow suit IF this virus isn’t contained. With the growing amount of cases increasing daily and IIRC has spiked up in the US by 40% in what, one-two days, this is very alarming.

On a personal note, my family and I are moving to Indiana this weekend. My wife was granted to work for her employer remotely. As a rideshare driver in the Miami area, I can also do rideshare up there, however, getting back into my field (accounting/finance) will be nearly impossible now as jobs are at a hiring freeze with this virus. What worries me is that this virus will spiral out of control and the whole country will be locked down (Martial Law) and the world as we know it will be different.

Sports is meant to take our minds out of our everyday lives for entertainment and pleasure. Now that sports is halted along with car activities (auto shows, car meets) I feel that we have no positive distractions.

Please tell me, am I overreacting? Am I wrong because I hope I am.
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So there is actually more of a chance to get more hp out of a 330 then a 335 in my opinion
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Seems like ur out of touch with baseball a bit. A few years behind.
You didnít know who Hader was. And Kershaw is a mess in the playoffs. No thanks