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Originally Posted by GranitM5 View Post
Anyone swap the wheels and tires at home? I have my winter tires on 19inch rims and I'm too busy to drop it off at the dealers for the swap. Might tackle it myself if I can get my hands on the right tools
Was thinking the same thing as I just ordered wheels to go on my winter tires.

I figured I would need:
- floor jack - $120 from harbor freight (not the stand jack)
- impact drill - on sale at HD now for $200
- torque wrench - $50
- sockets - $30 for a set

So all in, I'm investing a little over $400 including tax.

However my local tire shop will swap a set of wheel and tires for $30 plus tax.
So it's going to take me 6.5 years to recoup my investment.

Sure there's the time of having to bring the wheels and the car and wait around for it, but that would only be about an hour per year.

But I'm still considering it!
Appreciate 2