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  1. Dashboard and HUD
  2. iPhone XS Max in wireless charging slot
  3. Harman Kardon wattage decreased from the F30 to the G20
  4. BMW Live Cockpit Future Evolution?
  5. Any pics of the non nav screen?
  6. Sport Display G Meter
  7. How to identify if you have wireless charging
  8. G20 USB-C max power output?
  9. Technical documentation of 2018 vehicle electronics (aka iDrive 7 aka Live Dash)
  10. Will the M340i have a tachometer in the HUD display?
  11. What does Waze on Apple Carplay look like on the G20?
  12. "Driver Assistance support reduced" error message
  13. BMW Live Cockpit Plus?
  14. Hotspot issues
  15. iPod Touch issues
  16. Hi-Fi system wiring diagram and technical data
  17. Apple CarPlay
  18. Text message dictation without CarPlay?
  19. "Update apps and services" stuck
  20. Radar Detector Hardwire
  21. Remote 3D View
  22. How to turn off 65 mph beep?
  23. How does non HK audio sound?
  24. Question about screen mirroring option on G20
  25. Software Update and What it Fixes
  26. Wireless Charge Pad Overheating iPhone X
  27. Where is the Aux. audio input on a 330i?
  28. Spotify via Android Phone
  29. 3D viewing
  30. Is harman kardon much better than hifi?
  31. iPhone X bluetooth audio issues
  32. Gxx BMWs and iDrive 7 - Known issues with BMW ConnectedDrive app
  33. M340i CD Player/Hard Drive?
  34. Opinions on the new iDrive and Drive Mode buttons?
  35. Wireless charging pad not working
  36. Digital Instrument Cluster and HUD questions
  37. Help - Spotify Via Iphone 8
  38. Does anyone know how to turn on Apple Car Play?
  39. iDrive 7 - Google Online Search like iDrive 6?
  40. Has anyone tried to retrofit wireless charging?
  41. Speaker Distortion
  42. Here's how the BMW Drive Recorder works
  43. HUD - Turn off Speed Limit?
  44. 12V Cigarette lighter locations for dash camera
  45. Remote 3D View / ConnectedDrive Issues
  46. Retrofit wireless charger on M340?
  47. M340i 2020 iPhone Text Message issues
  48. Navigation destination from phone
  49. Phone mount?
  50. HiFi Sound vs HK
  51. Bluetooth randomly disconnects
  52. Harman Kardon decreased wattage
  53. Phone mount advice?
  54. CarPlay issues
  55. Importing Music from 2016 328i to 2020 M340i
  56. Aftermarket Sub-woofer on G20
  57. BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0
  58. Unable to Save Memory Buttons.
  59. Display Screen Stays On
  60. ConnectedDrive Cost?
  61. ConnectedDrive
  62. How to get engaged gear in HUD ?
  63. Installing a sub
  64. iDrive 7.0 Bluetooth Problems
  65. Remote Start
  66. What to do with the 8 preset buttons?
  67. Alternative routes in navigation
  68. Part number for wireless charger?
  69. ConnectedDrive
  70. Android Bluetooth sound issue
  71. Trunk 12V Power Port?
  72. CarPlay Bluetooth
  73. Spotify App
  74. [B]Siri Eyes Free [/B]
  75. Aftermarket Wireless Charger - Dimensions?
  76. HK equalizer settings
  77. Some info about driver recorder
  78. HUD Selection List Lag
  79. Anyone having goo come out above the cup holder panel?
  80. Thoughts on Lane Keep Assist?
  81. Key fob trim comparisons
  82. Radio station bug?
  83. How to mute the idrive 7 navigation?
  84. Mirror memory
  85. Parking Assistance Front camera question
  86. Pause button?
  87. Clearance issues with front power socket (rear one is fine)
  88. Standard Ambient Lighting
  89. Center Speaker Rattling
  90. Blank idrive screen, no Bluetooth, no cameras - help!
  91. The 12v outlet near cupholders does not work with my radar detector
  92. Stop and Yield signs recognition
  93. iDrive Enhanced Bluetooth - SMS vs MMS?
  94. What did you name your BMW Assistant?
  95. Phone connection delay
  96. New Apple Carplay ios 13 (beta)
  97. G20 - Over-the-Air (OTA) Update Expectations?
  98. Is the Hi-Fi & HK Audio options the same as in the F30?
  99. BMW Connected Music
  100. battery tender for G20 M340i
  101. Upgrades to HiFi audio system
  102. issues with texting/contacts
  103. Faulty screen switching off, blank screen
  104. IDrive 6.0 in G20
  105. Where’s the compass?
  106. iDrive 7 Calendar Question
  107. What is the oldest iPhone that will work with idrive 7 to get apple carplay working?
  108. Idrive apps?
  109. Carplay keeps dissapearing
  110. Proclip mount
  111. G2x - dealer software updates vs. over the air updates
  112. Wireless charging option aftermarket for G20?
  113. Android app for G20
  114. 12V USB Charger suggestions?
  115. Samsung Galaxy S7 incompatible with BMW Digital Key?
  116. Keep having Apple Pay triggered!
  117. M340i HK Sound Upgrade?
  118. How can you set a contact if you have CarPlay enabled?
  119. This video suggests we can mirror G maps while moving as we dont have Andriod Auto!
  120. Parking assistant camera misalignment issue
  121. Where is Alexa?
  122. Main Instrument cluster info
  123. One time purchase CarPlay?
  124. Bimmertech PP 82DSP will it fit?
  125. NYC area G20's: free SoundstageDSP™
  126. Bluetooth issues
  127. I-drive missing pandora Spotify etc
  128. Connected Drive "Down"?
  129. Spotify v. Apple Music, iDrive v. CarPlay
  130. HK Sound, Android and Remote Start?
  131. Software updates discussions
  132. Bluetooth Audio on iPHone via iDrive Interface - "Please Wait..."
  133. 7/2019.39 Software Update
  134. What is black number inside the white square at the top of the iDrive Display?
  135. Errors with GPS, Connected Drive, Emergency SOS
  136. Spotify is back as part of connected music providers
  137. Weird idrive glitch?
  138. Problem with Speed Limit detection (Kafas camera)
  139. Will assisted driving view be available?
  140. Dash cluster turns off
  141. Drive Recorder Information
  142. SMS doesn't show as notification (2019 330ix)
  143. Waze and Google Maps not working in apple carplay
  144. Connected Drive app update
  145. Digital Key on Samsung Galaxy S10+
  146. Key fob range and remote start
  147. Can I set iDrive to turn off sooner?
  148. Here is the BMW Drive Recorder app that "Could" come to G20 in the future
  149. Issues with smartphone Connected app
  150. Top Down/Aerial View
  151. M340i Speaker Upgrade
  152. Siri in idrive 7
  153. Ipod Issues
  154. Ipod Issues
  155. WikiLocal
  156. Driver Profile Log In to Car
  157. Voice recognition (NLP)
  158. (I)phone apps in idrive
  159. Radar Detector Issue
  160. OTA
  161. Google Maps and the HUD
  162. Hard Wire Dash Cam and Radar Detector
  163. CarPlay Volume Differences
  164. Issue with SMS in iDrive - message sender <unknown>
  165. Automatic Text Scrolling on Radio/Music
  166. Problem with Spotify in my G20
  167. G20 M340i - Digital Key Card Not Unlocking Doors
  168. NAV Update
  169. M340 Text and Email on Android (galaxy S10)
  170. Saving Satellite Radio to a Preset Button Bug?
  171. Park Mobile App?
  172. Remote 3D view?
  173. Folding Mirrors when Locked
  174. G20 Parking Assistant Plus - Finding a parking space??
  175. Navigation Command
  176. Having trouble with some settings
  177. How do I disable WIFI hotspot?
  178. Reset guest profile
  179. Traffic Jam assist annoying
  180. Drive Recorder Error
  181. News App not working?
  182. BMW Driver Recorder - Demo Footage
  183. iDrive update frequency?
  184. Rename Radio Stations - idrive 7
  185. Alternative Routes disappear from the iDrive Map
  186. Connected Command
  187. Amazon Music
  188. CarPlay on HUD
  189. G20 Hardwire dashcam
  190. Connected App keeps crashing on remote 3D view
  191. And the problems Starts - No Audio
  192. Turn off hybrid sound in electric mode?
  193. iDrive 7 apps, underwhelming
  194. IOS 13.1
  195. Where can I download the owners manual and get a list of assistant commands?
  196. No network available
  197. Parking - Top down view
  198. Listening to radio but keeps flipping to Spotify
  199. Spotify
  200. REMOTE START seat/wheel/defrost, 3.2019 IDRIVE version
  201. Understanding the phone as a Digital Key
  202. Full Screen Car Play on iDrive 6
  203. 2020 M340i voice recognition not working
  204. G20 330e pre-condition temp from App?
  205. Does anyone have wireless charging?
  206. I need my map updated for Sri Lanka
  207. My BMW Connected remote functions don't work
  208. Remote 3D View (Hungary, Europe)
  209. Is still a HDD in our car??? (2020 models???) Shame!
  210. Comfort access - automatic trunk will not open/drivers door switches are dead
  211. G20 Front Fusebox Location for Blackvue hardwire dashcam radar
  212. Bavsound upgrade
  213. iDrive 7.0 Simulator
  214. Issue with SMS in iDrive
  215. instrument Cluster Brightness
  216. Why no 360 degree camera recording?
  217. Rear Screens
  218. iPhone Static Noise on M340i
  219. Spotify Disconnecting
  220. No remote services!
  221. Question about the map on the Livecockpit
  222. Driving assistant errors in the rina
  223. Favorites and home address lost?
  224. How To: Radar Detector Hardwire
  225. How do I turn on Climate Control?
  226. Turn off car when unlocked
  227. G20 advantage + Connect Drive store features?
  228. "Hey BMW" almost never works
  229. Connected app - no more driving data?
  230. Remote 3D View - In the last month 5 successful out of 20 attempts.
  231. Settings keep reseting
  232. Wireless charging overheating
  233. iDrive dumps phone contacts
  234. What does "Factory Reset" reset?
  235. Phone contacts
  236. Intelligent Personal Assistant thinks I don’t have a sunroof
  237. Do navigation directions show in both places?
  238. BMWConnected & iOS 13.2
  239. BMW Connected Drive no longer functioning
  240. Turn signal sound
  241. Dashboard camera recommendations?
  242. Navigation with two drivers?
  243. Connected app issues
  244. Exact Locations of Radar Sensor in Bumpers
  245. Using iPod Touch
  246. Night/Day stripe on top of map screen
  247. Best way to listen to lossless music on G20
  248. Carplay: perpetual or 3 years?
  249. HiFi vs Stereo - speaker location?
  250. Radio Not Working