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  1. BMW's new iDrive OS 7.0: hands-on test
  2. Here is Apple CarPlay on G05
  3. Apple Carplay and Android Phone
  4. iDrive and Music from iOS Devices: Weird Behavior
  5. Apple Pay shown when charging
  6. Is anyone’s Apple devices getting along well with the new iDrive?
  7. Any Android users out there?
  8. How to video: Customizing iDrive 7 home screen
  9. Let the coding begin...
  10. Couple iDrive and remote start questions
  11. iTunes Library via USB--How to export Playlists for iDrive?
  12. New X5 Wifi Hotspot
  13. New Idrive vs Apple CarPlay
  14. X5 Digital Key - Key Card?
  15. Anyone w/ iDrive/iOS Device options get software update?
  16. iDrive 7.0 Navigation vs. Google Maps
  17. New software and what it fixes
  18. Dashcam ideas
  19. LTE Signal Booster
  20. Check Engine Light; No messages in iDrive
  21. Apple Carplay wired option for better experience?
  22. How to Video: Update Apps and services to fix connectivity issues
  23. Weather App - Inconsistent Update
  24. Digital Key with iPhone!
  25. Coding the G05 - has anyone been able to do it yet?
  26. BMW connected apps for iDrive 7
  27. 2019 X5 Phone mount Ideas
  28. CarPlay
  29. Where to find iPhone playlists in iDrive
  30. Adding a phone number?
  31. Connected Drive Code
  32. X5,Iphone 8s and Amazon Music
  33. Use of new iDrive media with Android?
  34. iPhone playback issues
  35. Car animation on idrive
  36. iDrive 7 RUINS the experience of 2019 X5 50i ownership.
  37. Own pictures on iDrive
  38. Forgotten phone warning.. Anyone have this alert them?
  39. Apple Car Play vs iDrive
  40. I have to frequently restart iDrive by holding on/off button
  41. iDrive and Lights stay on?!?
  42. Issues with IDrive 7 on X5 M50d
  43. CarPlay mic stopped working?
  44. iDrive - Storing Office, spouse, etc
  45. Lost Infotainment in Dash and Heads Up
  46. Iphone issues
  47. Android app
  48. Weird Volume issue - anyone else?
  49. Pandora on carplay problems
  50. “No signal” message then iDrive auto reboots.
  51. Question on how you use your CarPlay vs. IDrive?
  52. iDrive Home Page Question
  53. Botched Recall / Software Update
  54. How do you play track(s) from a iPod playlist?
  55. iDrive 7 Tempered Glass Screen Protector
  56. Know your gestures
  57. iOS 13 CarPlay Updates Coming
  58. Does your iPhone overheat in the charger?
  59. Pandora keeps "loading" in CarPlay?
  60. Real Time Traffic down for X5/iDrive 7?
  61. Remote 3D View
  62. iDrive - the gift that keeps on giving.
  63. How often iDrive reboots/crash
  64. USB Media and iDrive 7
  65. idrive 7.0 vs Apple CarPlay
  66. iDrive 7 Alpina Display
  67. iDrive Show Text Messages?
  68. Does key card work with 11/2018 builds and 0.23
  69. Wireless Charging?
  70. Parking camera doesn't turn on automatically
  71. BW sound system with Harman amplifier?
  72. Media/Entertainment Owners Manual
  73. Android Phone Digital Key
  74. Camera malfunction issue
  75. What is iDrive and how do I test its functions today?
  76. iDrive Doesn’t Shut Off
  77. Connected Drive Login Help Please!
  78. Recent Trip Time Display
  79. BlackVue 900s 2 channel 4K dash cam installed.
  80. Map update downloaded over the air
  81. Current software version
  82. Apple carplay and Rustproofing
  83. ASS Coding
  84. Parking Assistant Camera angle?
  85. Trips section in Navigation
  86. Phone Mute - CarPlay Issue
  87. Remote 3D view is super awesome!
  88. BMW Connected App update for iOS 10.1
  89. High pitched noise from center infotainment stack
  90. Custom Wake Word Instead of "Hey BMW"
  91. BMW Genius Help by Telephone
  92. Is the Active Driving Assistant Pro upgradable like Tesla?
  93. Enhanced USB and Bluetooth
  94. Anybody figure how to access Amazon Alexa in the X5?
  95. Gesture Control Necessity?
  96. ParkMobile Integration!
  97. Just had to replace my iPhone XS Max
  98. Is it possible to get email or texts in car?
  99. How to stop Waze auto starting.
  100. Where is our compass?
  101. iDrive 7 Home Screen Setups
  102. No Remote 3D
  103. iOS 12.2 fixes the Apple Pay issue
  104. BMW’s Intelligent Personal Assistant
  105. Carplay/ Bluetooth going nuts
  106. Bowers & Wilkins system
  107. Remote 3D view stopped working
  108. Rear Seat Entertainment
  109. Card Key saved my neck yesterday!
  110. CarPlay unmute issue
  111. Weather Widget Just Disappeared
  112. Programming update? TSB info?
  113. New Software 2019/03.22 - Siri issue
  114. Car Play issues
  115. Daylight Savings?
  116. upgrade ACC to Driving Assistance Professional
  117. iDrive Giveth, iDrive taketh
  118. Bowers & Wilkins - Settings?
  119. 3 ways to update the system's software
  120. Phone gets really hot on Charging Station
  121. "HEY BMW"
  122. Radar Hard Wire
  123. Pre-Delivery setup of Connected Services
  124. Where do you get your Hi-Res audio ?
  125. Apple Map displays when pressing console MAP button
  126. DIY Radar Hardwire
  127. Blind Spot Detection
  128. Front Camera Installation
  129. Lower Power Tailgate Retrofit
  130. Losing some steering wheel buttons. Restarted iDrive twice this week
  131. Emergency Cell System Malfunction
  132. Remote Software Upgrade (11/2018.55)
  133. BMW Connected App Linking Issues
  134. Speed Assistant - Adjust Automatically
  135. Odometer Resets and more
  136. Text Messages <unknown>
  137. Wireless Charging Slow
  138. X5 with display key
  139. IFTTT
  140. Took 7 iDrive resets this AM to get he HUD and BC to work
  141. Driver's Profile Issue
  142. Weather widget
  143. Quick access to CarPlay Apps?
  144. Driving mode - not in lane centre
  145. Bluetooth streaming audio constantly dropping
  146. Voice Command FAILS thread
  147. CarPlay - how do you get it to call a business?
  148. Gesture Control Credit has disappeared?
  149. BMW Routes - importing routes in GPX format
  150. Two keys tied to one profile
  151. Apple Music with iDrive issues
  152. Opinions on a Dashcam and recommendations?
  153. HK or B&W diamond...
  154. New CarPlay Issue - All Media Audio Lost After Text via Siri
  155. UK software Version - latest and stable
  156. Front camera question
  157. Returned to find one headlight on
  158. Muted Audio during phone call
  159. OTA Updates?
  160. Volume adjustment by source
  161. iPhone does not automatically connect
  162. USB C Port capable of charging Laptop?
  163. iPhone - USB Device not Recognized and Other Issues
  164. Reboot iDrive
  165. Weather option on display screen
  166. Understanding Apple Car Play
  167. Average mpg
  168. BimmerCode vs Carly
  169. Harman Kardon equalizer settings?
  170. Widgets
  171. 2nd Driver profile
  172. Home Link Garage Door Opener Programming Issues
  173. Multiple NFC Key Cards
  174. Connected drive and key card. No go 😥
  175. BMW Display Key Case
  176. Navigation locality
  177. OTA Updates Now Available???
  178. Renaming driver profile?
  179. Coding top view camera and rearview camera limits
  180. NFC-compatible- when will they add iPhone
  181. Drivers' Profile settings
  182. Can't log in into MyBMW in Canada
  183. Connected drive - quite the revenue stream for BMW
  184. Conected app is down
  185. OTA Software Upgrade - Any Luck?
  186. LexxM3's Collection of 2019 X5 Bugs
  187. Climate control settings on remote start
  188. Apple CarPlay and TomTom Go
  189. Seat memory and Driver profile + Tailgate issue
  190. Yet Another CD Issue -> Horn Only
  191. Temporary Fix for CarPlay Connectivity Issues
  192. No internet when on Carplay
  193. BMW G05 X5 Broken Bass Speaker
  194. Passenger Mirror Camera Misaligned - Strange Results from BMW Service
  195. Connected drive still down ?
  196. The key for range for remote start is awesome
  197. Audio Stuck in "speech mode"
  198. iOS and Bluetooth Phone Sounds
  199. HELP: Is Carly for BMW usable on the G05? -not working for me-
  200. Bluetooth version?
  201. Driving assistant with ACC
  202. Bluetooth Connectivity Issues
  203. Forgets Cell Phone Pairing
  204. Digital Key Card Intermittency
  205. Setting Default Driver Profiles
  206. Caring Car feature
  207. issues with texting/contacts
  208. Using 2 keys in the car at the same time
  209. Difference between HUD and iDrive distance
  210. Connected drive issues finally solved
  211. Inaccurate iDrive Navigation
  212. New Connected Drive Idiocy
  213. No digital Key menu
  214. SSD disk not recognized
  215. B&W Diamond Sound System rattle/distortion/resonance
  216. Camera Malfunction
  217. How Do You Play Your Music?
  218. Battery Tender?
  219. CarPlay Disappears
  220. US Spec ACP in Korea
  221. Real Time Traffic not "Available"
  222. Display key battery life
  223. Disabling "Auto Stop/Start" via Bimmercode
  224. Apple CarPlay - siri add track to playlist fail
  225. 2019 X5 chime/Gong
  226. Steering Wheel, Texts, Station Scrolling
  227. Connected Drive? Connected Drive? Connected Drive?
  228. Connected Drive Remote Start
  229. G05 E-Sys Cheat Codes
  230. Spodify Challenges with Car Play
  231. Software Update thru App
  232. Apple CarPlay Prompt Not Seen When Connecting Device
  233. iPhone Screen Mirroring?
  234. Uploading Contacts - Android
  235. Key card refuses to work
  236. On the screen....what does it mean?
  237. IPhone App was just updated
  238. Cigarette lighter socket Dash Cam
  239. Some MP3 files not displayed
  240. Hands-On With CarPlay in iOS 13
  241. Quick way to reconnect CarPlay
  242. Driving assistant Plus (ZDB) to Pro (ZDY) upgrade
  243. Opening Exhaust Flap?
  244. Auto lighting and wiping system malfunction
  245. Apple CarPlay using Memory buttons
  246. [Coding]Start to coding G05
  247. Issues with radio
  248. Map in HUD and Instrument Cluster Froze
  249. Mi 8 Phone on Miracast
  250. iDrive Reboot in Motion