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  1. BMW Megacity Electric Car to launch in 2013
  2. BMW MEGACITY vehicle photos and info released by BMW!
  3. Megacity Vehicle will be world's 1st volume-produced carbon fiber passenger cell car
  4. Megacity Vehicle to be Showcased at 2012 London Olympics
  5. New BMW Megacity Renderings
  6. Adrian Van Hooydonk Discusses MegaCity Vehicle
  7. BMW Electric Cars Not Expected to be Immediately Profitable
  8. BMW extends Leipzig Plant for Megacity Vehicle Production
  9. Megacity EV: BMW's New Vision of Design, Manufacturing, Motoring
  10. BMW Considering Artificial Sounds For Electric Vehicle
  11. BMW Considers Short-Term Rental Program for Mega City Vehicle
  12. BMW Launches BMW i Marketing Campaign
  13. A Deeper Look at BMW i Design Elements
  14. BMW i3 Sales Target At Least 30,000 Annually. i8 Pricing Undecided.
  15. BMW i3 (Megacity) Spied For First Time!
  16. BMW i3 confirmed be Rear Wheel Drive (and mid-engine!)
  17. BMW i3 Rendered by Car and Driver
  18. Report: BMW i3 Price and Specs - $35k, 150HP, 160 mile range
  19. World Debut: BMW i3 Concept Electric Vehicle
  20. Live Pics of Just Revealed BMW i8 and i3 Concepts
  21. What's Next? Future Expansive... BMW i4 and i5
  22. 2011 Frankfurt: BMW i8 and i3 Concepts Debut
  23. BMW i8 and i3 Previewed in New York City
  24. An Interview with Richard Kim, BMW i3 Designer
  25. BMW i launches iAd - Innovative presence on foursquare and Mashable.com
  26. Making-Of Video: BMW i8 and i3 Photoshooting Chicago
  27. BMW i3 Smartphone App Previewed
  28. Rumor: BMW planning to attack electric family sedan market with the BMW i5
  29. BMW Opens World's First BMW i Store and Gives i3 a New Interior
  30. BMW i Presents: Electronauts' ActiveE Experiences
  31. BMW i3 and i8 Will be Available for Online Ordering
  32. Spied: Production Intent BMW i3 Interior Clearly Seen
  33. Paris 2012: BMW i3 Shows Carbon Fiber Passenger Cell and New Sustainable Interior
  34. BMW i4 Concept Rumored to Debut Soon
  35. BMW Announces Winner of Urban Driving Experience Challenge
  36. New BMW i Concept Car (i4?) Confirmed for Debut at 2012 LA Auto Show
  37. BMW i3 Concept Coupe Electric Car Debuts
  38. BMW i3 Hybrid Range Extended Prototype Spied, with Good Look at Production Interior
  39. BMW and Solarwatt partner to bring solar powered charging for BMW i
  40. Videos Explain BMW i Philosophies/Technologies and Carbon Fiber Development
  41. BMW i3 has 100,000 People Waiting for Test Drives
  42. BMW i3 Connectivity / Infotainment Demo
  43. BMW i3 Leaked Patents. Car to be Unveiled July 29
  44. The all-electric BMW i3 : Unveiling July 29
  45. Production i3 mostly revealed
  46. Official BMW i3 Production Model Specs and Details Released
  47. First BMW i3 drive reviews (Top Gear, Autocar, Whatcar, Edmunds, Drive.com)
  48. BMW i3 starts near $35,000; NA first deliveries January 2014
  49. Chris Harris Drives the BMW i3 (Pistonheads Review)
  50. Question on range extender
  51. What Are You Crosss-Shopping w/ i3?
  52. BMW i3 Reviewed by Car and Driver
  53. BMW CCA claims i3 pricing at $34,500 before credits
  54. BMW i3 Priced at $41,350 in the U.S. and 34,950 euros in Germany
  55. Production version of the i3 leaked images
  56. BMW i3 Unveil to Stream Live on Internet (8:15 AM ET - July 29)
  57. BMW i3 in motion (video)
  58. BMW i3 World Debut - Official Thread
  59. BMW i3 Online Visualizer
  60. BMW i3 Live Pics from NYC World Premiere
  61. Poor execution of launch material
  62. Modified BMW i3 photoshop fiddled
  63. How much energy to charge?
  64. UK brochure not so sure I will buy now
  65. Sat in the new I3 today
  66. The perfect BMW i3 media campaign
  67. BMW i3 Videos: Head Designer Gives Walkthrough and B-Roll Footage from NYC Debut
  68. Ordered an i3
  69. New BMW i3 photos showing sliding sunroof for the first time!
  70. MPG or whatever its going to be called
  71. Which countries have a winter tyre option??
  72. i3 YouTube Video
  73. Once you see it...
  74. Question for Scott
  75. BMW 4 Series, i3 and X5 Named Candidates for 2014 Car of the Year
  76. UK to phase out subsidy
  77. An i3 left to its own devices in NY suburbs
  78. Frankfurt IAA 2013: BMW i3 Auto Show Debut
  79. BMW i Remote App
  80. Video: On Board Lap Around the BMW Track at the Frankfurt IAA 2013 Auto Show
  81. Road & Track review of i3
  82. i3 Motor Question
  83. BMW i3 Production Begins, Launching Era of Industrial-Scale CFRP Manufacturing
  84. The BMW i Accessories Collection
  85. Video: BMW Indoor Track at Frankfurt IAA in Action
  86. Watch the Complete BMW i3 Manufacturing Process From Soup to Nuts
  87. US spec i3 available for European Delivery?
  88. Production delay??
  89. i3 at local dealership
  90. BMW i3 Charges at First Ever Charging Station with Combo-Charging DC Fast Charging
  91. i3 at the Wood this weekend
  92. US option pricing and/or configurator
  93. BMW i3 First Drives Reviews
  94. Rwd? Fwd? Awd?
  95. BMW considering boosting i3 production on over 8,000 orders already
  96. i3 video worth watching
  97. Lease option
  98. Jeremy Clarkson's Top 100 Cars 2013: BMW i3 First, i8 Second and 3 Series Second
  99. BMW i5?
  100. Saw the i3 in person
  101. BMW i3 reviews from Car & Driver and Ausfahrt.tv
  102. i3 Test Vehicle Sighted in Northern NJ
  103. What is chassis code for i3?
  104. 2014 LA Autoshow to Feature Debuts of BMW 4 Series Convertible, i8 and Concept X4
  105. i3 sticker shock...
  106. i3 hands-on experience and video walk-around
  107. Disappointing experience
  108. Bloomberg Blames BMW Stock Slide on the i Brand
  109. BMW i3 Video Review and New Photo Gallery
  110. Rex sounds like lawnmower?
  111. How long before BMW has to reduce the price of the i3??
  112. How safe are electric cars??
  113. BMW i3 v BMW M3 drag race
  114. BMW i3 and i Brand Feature Videos
  115. 200 UK orders
  116. Live..Destination docklands London
  117. BMW i3 Deliveries Begin
  118. Message for BMW
  119. BMW i. 40 Jahre Elektromobilitšt
  120. i3 Storage area dimensions
  121. BMW Announces Comprehensive 360 Electric Products and Services for BMW i Drivers
  122. I've now driven an i3....
  123. i3 in Australia, Canberra
  124. BMW i3 On-Location Photo Gallery from North American Press Drives
  125. Submit your questions about the i3
  126. Ordered mine today
  127. I just drove an i3....
  128. Video: BMW i3 Drives LA
  129. Nearly 10,000 orders for i3 already
  130. I3 only gets 4 star safety rating
  131. Poor REX driving experience
  132. i3 Test Drive at LA Auto Show : Pics and Impressions
  133. Electric cars suffer worst depreciation
  134. BMW i3 Acceleration 0-60mph
  135. Activate Climate Control from App?
  136. Driving impressions
  137. i3 Element resemblance
  138. Cnet BMW i3 on the road video review
  139. Video: the First-Ever BMW i3 Hot Lap
  140. Poor in snow
  141. Took Part In the BMW i3 Test Drive / Marketing Event
  142. BMW i3 Launch in Hong Kong
  143. BMW ConnectedDrive and BMW i3 to be Showcased at 2014 CES
  144. 2014 BMW i3 Price and Ordering Guide (U.S.)
  145. DC Fast Charging
  146. First celebrity to own the BMW i3 ???
  147. 2014 BMW i3 Review (Autoguide)
  148. BMW Unveils Samsung Galaxy i Remote App at 2014 CES in Vegas
  149. BMW i3 US Configurator Officially Live
  150. California delivers big blow to i3
  151. BMW i3 Named What Car? Green Car of the Year
  152. Woo Hoo, Just ordered my i3
  153. XCar reviews the i3
  154. Article on i3 Lease and Finance
  155. i3 electronaut edition and future i (i5?)
  156. ► i3 Charging FAQ
  157. who makes the motor for the i3
  158. REX review good but wow high depreciation!!
  159. Video: BMW i8 in detail. LifeDrive.
  160. Is production too slow ?
  161. How to take an i3 (REX) road trip
  162. BMW aims for 3 series price for electric i3
  163. BMW 4 Series, 5 Series and i3 Win Auto Motor und Sport Reader's Best Cars of 2014
  164. Video: The BMW i3. Pure Electric Vehicle. Introduction and Interview with Designer
  165. Does Anyone Know What the Electronaut Edition of the i3 Entails?
  166. i3 seen for first time
  167. Got my i3 !
  168. Video: BMW i3 - world's most desirable affordable electric car? by Autocar
  169. 2014 BMW i3 Price and Ordering Guide (Canada)
  170. i3 Success or Flop?
  171. US i3 sighting: BMW of Sudbury, MA
  172. Just came back from driving the new i3 ~ mighty impressive car!
  173. Minimal vampire loss in i3
  174. Real World MPG / MPGe
  175. Drove an i3 at BMWCCA event in ATL
  176. Any deals to be had in the UK?
  177. Ventura County i3 Test Drives
  178. BMW USA i3 configurator down again
  179. Registration Opens for BMW i3 Test Drive Events Across the U.S.
  180. Lease rates
  181. I've got range anxiety
  182. BMW i3 and 4 Series Make Final Three for 2014 World Car of the Year Awards
  183. i3 Aero Shape
  184. Question: What happens when a Seat Altea rear-ends an i3 ?
  185. What Car? long-term test: i3 REX
  186. i3 drive event!
  187. Code in Enhanced Bluetooth?
  188. How much does the REX extend?
  189. Sunroofs i3
  190. Omitted or reduced 'luxury' items on i3
  191. Tire availability
  192. i3 "tuning"
  193. Where are the i3 addicts?
  194. i3 drive. First impression.
  195. BMW i3 Production Output Increased to Meet Rising Demand
  196. BMW i3 Wins Both 2014 World Car Design and World Green Car of the Year Awards!
  197. i3- Risky
  198. Volt Owner Review of i3...
  199. i3 rex to have 1.9 gallon tank
  200. I3 Test Drive Event
  201. California makes key decisions re REx
  202. Cool i3 Commercial
  203. Bmw i3 Window Sticker - the most efficient battery-electric car
  204. BMW Delivers First i3 in the U.S.
  205. Great article about the i's....
  206. i3 gets official 81 mile range
  207. i3 Owner's Choice with Flex explained in simple English
  208. Inventory
  209. REX Sales On Hold in U.S
  210. Test drove the I3 today
  211. i3 Film
  212. i3 REX review by BMW Car (Scans)
  213. One in stock, on Display - BMW NW
  214. First sighting of i3 in Toronto
  215. i3 REx is very loud!
  216. Adaptive Cruise & regen braking issues?
  217. BMW Launches App to Automate Home Charging Process for BMW i Electric Vehicles
  218. DC Fast Charge Useless in US
  219. Potential Tesla and BMW Collaboration
  220. Plenty in Stock
  221. i3 and i8 part list FYI!
  222. Out in the wild....
  223. i3 - Canadian Test Drive / Review
  224. The Incredible Missing Modern Safety Feature
  225. BMW i3 In Depth Tour
  226. Long drive home tomorrow
  227. Green Mobility Trophy (Autozeitung) 2014: BMW Wins Six of Seven Categories
  228. My i3 Blog
  229. Audio: James May on his new i3 purchase.
  230. Not the prettiest Rear End....
  231. BMW i3 Rex Problems / Issues - For the community to be aware
  232. Custom Plates!
  233. Any i3 drivers in the UK?
  234. BMW Unveils BMW i DC Fast Chargers and ChargeNow DC Fast program
  235. i3 Render On BBS RS Wheels
  236. i3 on order - more questions
  237. UK i3 test drive
  238. Deals on i3?
  239. REx version extra weight?
  240. i3 Sighting
  241. i3 options for cold weather
  242. i3 Charging
  243. Thank you all
  244. German first responders testing rescue techniques on BMW i carbon fiber cell
  245. i3 and regen braking
  246. Lease deal broadened!
  247. $1,000 credit on i3 from BMW!
  248. Custom license plate carbon fiber
  249. i3 or m235i ?
  250. Just Got mine