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  1. Dackel's European Delivery Museum Guide
  2. BMW and Porsche's tips for European Delivery driving tour routes of Germany
  3. More 2013 M5 US Launch Info: Pricing & Ordering Info in April, European Delivery Aug.
  4. Canadian 2012 M5 (F10) Product Planning Bulletin Guide
  5. Ordering at invoice price in the US
  6. Announced: BMW F10 M5 Pricing for Canada Starts at $101,500. Lower Than Outgoing M5
  7. 2013 BMW M5 (F10) U.S. Price Announced at $90,695
  8. US M5 F10 Standard and Optional Equipment Info. Ordering Starts April 23.
  9. ATTN M-Car Salesmen: I am looking to order an F10 M5!
  10. What will the US lease residual and money factor be for the new F10 M5
  11. Will M5 pretty much be sold at MSRP retail price in US? Is there much of a waitlist?
  12. Residual and money factor for F10 M5 lease in the US?
  13. 7th on the dealer's M5 allocation list (US) - good or bad
  14. Guide to BMW M5 Order and Delivery Tracking
  15. M5 Lease Residual Values in Years Past
  16. tomorrow's the 23rd!
  17. UPDATE: F10 M5 US Ordering Guide due tomorrow (Thurs). Ordering begins first week May
  18. 2013 M5 US Order and Price Guide is Finally Here! How Will You Spec Your F10 M5?
  19. M5 European Delivery questions
  20. F10 M5 pricing questions
  21. F10 M5 USA Dealer Allocation
  22. Official US M5 Dealer Experiences, Allotment, and Pricing
  23. U.S. 2013 M5 Online Configurator Now Available
  24. Military Pricing?
  25. US M5 Order Bank Open Yet? (Update: It's Open!)
  26. Finally ordered F10 M5!! (Share your submitted order specs inside)
  27. M5 Production Dates
  28. Clarification: F10 M5 european delivery does NOT come out of dealer allocations
  29. BMW Delivery Day Checklist
  30. Real Deal with SoCal Dealers and ordering the F10 M5 with Euro Delivery!!!
  31. July production allocations tba May 24th?
  32. European Delivery on a Saturday?
  33. Got my F10 M5 euro delivery date - Sept 3!
  34. Updated Ordering Info on 2013 M5 Color, Trim and Upholstery
  35. Something has changed - Comfort Access no longer standard alone option
  36. Cost of Freezing (frozen colors)
  37. Should those of us picking up ED on 9/1 or 9/3 get together for a dinner in Munich
  38. Adaptive Cruise & park assistant
  39. US Allocations
  40. US Delivery M5 Production Numbers
  41. BMW USA Configurator back up and running!
  42. ED pick on Saturday with same day Welt Drop Off
  43. M5 order bank / dealer update
  44. sunroof delete?
  45. What are your ED Plans??
  46. euro delivery 9/1
  47. 09/30 10/1 or 10/2 ED Delivery
  48. F10 M5 European Delivery date list - enter yours
  49. Power of Attorney
  50. Any way to prove M5 doesn't come out of dealer allocation?
  51. Calculating lease payment with a trade in/sales tax credit?
  52. ED itinerary suggestions
  53. United States ordering
  54. Anyone else here order on 'launch day' and still not have allocation?
  55. Individual Options with Associated Costs and Time
  56. Lufthansa Discount
  57. M5 Ordered! Now we wait....
  58. Leasing
  59. Comfort Acces has returned to the Executive package on BMWUSA configurator
  60. happy memorial day weekend everybody!
  61. 9/1 ED: Where are you staying?
  62. Performance Center Delivery (PCD)
  63. How late is too late for ED this year?
  64. Military Prices out today!
  65. Got my production number, can't find the aluminum trim!
  66. Rec'd prod number
  67. F10 M5 best Euro Delivery pricing ...anyone ?
  68. 9/3 ED date confirmed! any one else on the same date?
  69. 9/1-3 people, who's down for this? Das Feurer vacation housen!!!
  70. Loan APR %
  71. Where to get an ED invoice + $1-1.5k on the east coast?
  72. Tracking my ED
  73. US July prod 2013 M5 - New Navigation Professional system (609) - Is this confirmed ?
  74. Gas Guzzler Tax
  75. Passing the time...
  76. ED Souvenirs
  77. ED order submitted! Waiting for pick up date
  78. Week 28 build, when can I expect to see the m5 at my dealer?
  79. ED Lease: When does the term begin?
  80. 9/1-3 road trip
  81. Item 776 - Anthracite Alcantara Headliner
  82. 9/1 or 9/3 European Delivery Hotel Info
  83. Amount of time to receive a production number for ED
  84. M5 Production Started!!
  85. Great read for members taking M5 European Delivery and/or Performance Center Delivery
  86. Receive $500 Discount on 2013 M5 with BMW Ultimate Drive Mobile App
  87. ED Packet
  88. Possible Additional $1000 M5 discount for BMWCCA members
  89. U.S. Triple Black in Production!
  90. M School included?
  91. My Dealer has a week 28 (2nd week of July) allocation available
  92. Verify Configuration on BMWUSA site.
  93. BMW Drive for Team USA Incentive
  94. ordering M5 or get another E90 M3?
  95. F10 M5 Lease Rates - Announced
  96. ED F10 M5's now coming out of dealer allocation
  97. September ED customers - anyone want 9/8 drop-off
  98. Nurburgring - 9/2
  99. Silver stone full interior
  100. M5 rate locks
  101. 2013 M5 Ordered
  102. Dealer Allocation Question, for the BMW sales guys
  103. Finally 2013 M5 ordered today :)& I think I got a decent price.
  104. Active Sound question
  105. My M5 production started.....OMG !
  106. New July $750 loyalty offer
  107. Lease Residual Values
  108. BMW announces exclusive M5 European Delivery Launch Event for us
  109. ED driving and tourism itinerary- please share yours and exchange feedback
  110. F10 M5 European Delivery
  111. Timing for acceptance of special Individual order?
  112. I made the Boat - U.S. Bound!
  113. *** Gathering/Dinner Schedule for 8/31 - 9/4 ***
  114. Finally, production #, week 31 which is ????
  115. Wk 27 build still awaiting VIN/Production
  116. 9/1 Caravan - Salzburg or Garmisch
  117. Delivery date in jeapordy - please advise
  118. Time between production and delivery
  119. BMW Performance Center Delivery Scheduling
  120. European Delivery trip route ideas and discussions
  121. Facebook group for euro delivery
  122. United pilots vote to strike
  123. Production Ahead of Schedule
  124. Anyone on the Vessel TOPEKA?
  125. ...the waiting game...
  126. Help Me Predict My Pickup Date!!
  127. Anyone on ship named Grand Venus?
  128. Bremerhaven to NY vessel schedule (Wallenius Wilhelmsen line)
  129. Rumors of M5s being held in US Port until 8/15?
  130. ED M Special Event Attendance List (9/4 and 9/12)
  131. on the Don Juan vessel
  132. Has anyone's Euro Delivery Order started production yet?
  133. CME info for physicians doing ED!
  134. On The Dorado Leader
  135. On the boat - Don Juan
  136. July build 2013 F10 WITOUT the new Nav?!!
  137. Website for new monthly residuals and money factors for BMW's
  138. ED Production Start
  139. When will they release the cars?
  140. ED drop off question
  141. My new M5 at European Port!
  142. 2013 M5 Financing now on BMW.com (3.79%)
  143. If anyone interested in a private tour of the Dingolfing BMW Plant on Oct 1st @5.30
  144. Driving M5 at Lime Rock
  145. Following your M5 through production?
  146. ED M5 started production
  147. ED discount
  148. ED car wash or detail location
  149. Delivery to Dealer
  150. decided to wait a little
  151. Anti-german sentiment rising
  152. Kenneth, what's the release date?
  153. ED n00b question
  154. The beast has landed.
  155. ED Itinerary dilemma
  156. 9/2 drive to MB or Porsche Museum and the Ring
  157. Week 31 build, hasn't left Germany yet...
  158. Delivery from Halifax port to Montreal
  159. M5 was EPA certified Juy 18, 2012. BMW is holding our cars, not the EPA.
  160. Over/Under on Who Sees Their Cars First?
  161. Do we need VIN to complete contract?
  162. Message I got from my dealer regarding my M5
  163. m5 in my driveway... ;)
  164. Dealer not offering normal 7% discount for ED on M5
  165. International Data Plans
  166. Please BMW release our cars
  167. M5 is on a boat (Tulane)!
  168. Lease or Purchase
  169. Southern California M5'ers?
  170. UPDATE: U.S. M5 certification complete. Deliveries probable this week.
  171. Confirmed : my M5 will be delivered on 08/25
  172. Post US Delivery Pictures with your new M5
  173. The race is on..M5 or X5 35D
  174. confirmed: SoCal M5 will be delivered 8/24
  175. My 2013 M5 has hit the dealership in NJ!
  176. Northern California M5 Owners
  177. ED and gas guzzler tax
  178. M5 delayed-open campaign 0031580100 F10 S63tx
  179. SoCal Arrival
  180. BMW Incentives for the M5
  181. GGT question
  182. Mileage on new M5
  183. ED drivers: Heads up
  184. Delivered...but oh wait there is more
  185. How many days at port?
  186. ED and International Drivers Permit (the one you get from AAA)
  187. 9/1 ED Delivery Production Completed
  188. Still at port awaiting shipping vessel
  189. For us ED'ers, let's get psyched!
  190. Any midwest deliveries yet?
  191. M5 ED - Twitter Hash Tag
  192. Checked out Tom Selleck's new M5
  193. Just passed by the local dealer...Is this too much to pay for an M5?
  194. Lufthansa Strike
  195. September 1st ED List of Board Members
  196. ED
  197. Color Choice?
  198. ED + Oktoberfest
  199. Matt Betencourt PGA Golfer M5
  200. ED Financing Question
  201. <7 days
  202. FYI ED gents
  203. Dover Highway/Brunswick
  204. strike
  205. M5 100k OTD. Possible?
  206. Lease vs. financing - please advise
  207. ED Customers - D Day is here
  208. ED questions
  209. Live from The Welt... First Day of F10 M5 European Deliveries (Photos)
  210. Drivetrain Malfunction! Reduced oil pressure
  211. MF/Resid.. Lease? Here's my build!
  212. Questions for the ED guys
  213. M5 shoppingshopping
  214. ED Customers Shipping Info, 9/3 drop offs
  215. Can discount be had for the 2012 M5s on dealer's lot?
  216. Any EDs still @ Marriott or in Munich?
  217. "Finishing Touches"
  218. Question about new M5 lease thru 3rd party
  219. ED Drop off car wash
  220. Euro Delivery and minor body damage repair
  221. EDs at Dachu today?
  222. 9/4 M Studio Launch Event
  223. ED Customers - TOMBARRA Vessel
  224. Did any ED'ers speak with BMW re: trunk / suspension clunk?
  225. Woah!!! Production is fasssst!
  226. Cygnus Leader
  227. Flights to Munich
  228. On The TORONTO
  229. Took delivery today of my black on black.
  230. Mobile service in Europe during ED?
  231. anyone else flying out tomorrow eve?...EWR-MUC
  232. Got pulled over going >200 kph...
  233. Overall Experience of European Delivery
  234. European Delivery car drop off question
  235. Possibly the most beautiful symbol in the world
  236. Stelvio Pass
  237. iPod Cable
  238. M5 Euro Delivery
  239. ED GPS maps
  240. BMW M5 Tracking updated how often?
  241. Monroney sticker for ED cars
  242. ED Stateside Arrival
  243. No overnight parking at Welt?!
  244. DON JUAN
  245. anyone else on the boat docking sept 15th?
  246. Thoughts on keeping paint finish during ED
  247. ED Welt Experience, What Didn't Happen
  248. does pandora work on euro delivery road trip?
  249. The Eagle has landed !!! (U.S. redelivery)
  250. can we talk about how bmw redlivered my M5 to the wrong place