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  1. DIY: Kidney Grille Removal and Custom Silver Painted 23d Kidney Grilles :)
  2. Angel Eyes?
  3. Fuse/wiring diagrams
  4. X1 xDrive20d I-Drive retrofit
  5. Retrofit XLine
  6. Help : How to remove my central console?
  7. Angel Eyes -> HID H8 not LED
  8. head unit swap
  9. top vent removal
  10. New gas and brake pedals!!!
  11. Retrofit Bluetooth/Voice Control/Internet
  12. Help
  13. Satellite Radio
  14. Removal navigation screen/radio/airco control
  15. Has anyone done factory interior LED light?
  16. DRL Switched Supply From Ignition
  17. Xenon headlight throw adjustment
  18. Fitting TomTom 1005 in to E84 / X1
  19. Upgrading the Speakers in E84, X1
  20. Mirror Turn signal LCI mod
  21. DIY - Stainless Pedals!
  22. Pedalbox DIY
  23. Audio Upgrade on X1
  24. day time bulbs?
  25. Ignition Wire Location
  26. X1 Hood Sound Insulation
  27. Raising seat on X1
  28. Carbon fiber trim for x1
  29. DIY: Interior Trim Removal?
  30. Lift Gate pull down
  31. DIY: Trailer Hitch US
  32. DIY: V1 Radar Detector Install
  33. Under hood sound insulation
  34. X1 sat nav system and dash
  35. Lighting package pre wired?
  36. Radio removal pics
  37. N20 Oil change thread
  38. Rear hatch rubber floor mat?
  39. Removing and replacing side skirts
  40. xline side skirt upgrade
  41. Garmin 7" nav installed in dash
  42. Custom GPS 7" updated
  43. Samsung Tab 2 7" - Install
  44. M Sport Rear Bumper Diffuser
  45. wiring diagrams dome module
  46. seat back table
  47. Tom tom easy fixing
  48. Door trim removal
  49. BMW X1 E84 with navigation, rear camera install
  50. Kit M back diffuser
  51. Light Color Leather Clean / Treat
  52. DSC/DTC light flicker
  53. X! Window Chrome Trim
  54. x28i exhaust baffle "golf tee" mod.
  55. Running wires from bumpers to below the glove box.
  56. X1 35i oil change without raising car?
  57. Spacers for my X1?
  58. Rear Fog Mod
  59. Replace center storage box with LCD
  60. Front Bumper
  61. Overhead console removal
  62. footwell lights retrofit
  63. X1 Sport Seat Retrofit
  64. /Please Delete Thread/
  65. E84 Halogen Low-Beam Change (Sylvania ZXE H7)
  66. auto dimming side mirrors- sensor location
  67. Bi-Xenon Upgrade/retrofit
  68. The new system for diagnosing BMW
  69. Car DVD/Navi ( S100) For BMW X1 E84
  70. Plastic cover over eng valves
  71. BMW X1 coding
  72. Aftermarket intake,Exhaust
  73. Grille removal
  74. Back dome/map light cover?
  75. Chamberlain Door Opener
  76. Carbon fiber
  77. X1 V1 Hardwire
  78. H&R Spring install - sometime things don't go your way!
  79. Tint installation notes
  80. Added subwoofer to HK audio
  81. k&n drop in
  82. Is There JB4 for X1 2.0 turbo???
  83. Golf tee mod, did i do it right?
  84. Compatible wheels for e84 X1
  85. Do the Performance grille fit a 2010 model?
  86. N55 chargepipe install
  87. SOLVED: How to use large capacity USB Flash Drive for your audio collection
  88. My Custom Rear Door Sill "Scuff Plates"
  89. FOB Windows Down sunroof open
  90. X1 Suspension Lift?
  91. How to take CIC, Centre console apart?
  92. LH fog light removal
  93. WTB 18 inch stock all seasons RFT, wheels and TPMS
  94. X1 Valentine V1 Hardwire
  95. BMW X1 replace battery from Costco
  96. Ecu removal
  97. Golf tee mod
  98. How to take apart the rear driver side door in a X1 ?
  99. Motorsport stripes
  100. Modify VO and module coding
  101. Thinking about swapping your grille? This might help
  102. Front Bumper Removal(video)
  103. Has anyone removed exterior trim texture (to prepare for paint)?
  104. Wrapping a 2014 X1
  105. X1 trunk gate DIY
  106. Any one got a diy guide on clutch replacement on x drive ??
  107. Install BMS Stage 1 into 2015 N20 X1???
  108. She's getting perfect.
  109. Free L/h & R/h Door Bottom Sills
  110. X1 grille removing and replacing original black (glossy)
  111. Tapping into power terminal under hood
  112. active the front fog lighting when you are steering
  113. use buttons
  114. Muffler delete
  115. coding success!
  116. Quest to disable TPMS (and activate FTM) COMPLETED
  117. Cheap 35i exhaust options
  118. DIY - X1 Phone cradle removal needs help
  119. bmw x1 navigatie+bluetooth+usb+..
  120. DIY Retrofitting High Beam Assistant
  121. Annoying sound from dashboard on passenger side...
  122. Dashcam installation to 12v socket
  123. auto-leveling Xenon headlights
  124. Mud Flap installation
  125. Exhaust pipe diameters to install bolt-on tips
  126. DIY - X1 xdrive 20d oil change
  127. Trunk Lighting Improvement
  128. Has anyone successfully installed a fairing onto the OEM roof bars?
  129. Custom Audio Installs
  130. X1 E84 nav 609 FSC generate.
  131. Trunk lid struts
  132. Spare Tire Question
  133. rear passenger light removal.
  134. Down pipe install for x1 35i (N55 engine)
  135. Convert halogen headlight to stock HID w/o autolevel?
  136. X1 E84 Fitting Tow Bar Question - Rear Bumper Removal
  137. Trailer hitch
  138. Exhaust Questions
  139. No Vanity Mirror light
  140. Bmw tyre issue ... ftm system error in idrive
  141. Bavsound Speaker Replacement/Upgrade
  142. Front Bumper Modifications
  143. LED Headlamps retrofit
  144. Interior light LED
  145. how to remove those tiny dots on car paint?
  146. Dashboard Trim Removal
  147. Any coders in the Baltimore/DC area?
  148. Caliper Upgrades From E9X
  149. Carly connection
  150. Installation of X1 CARRIER BUMPER REAR 511242
  151. ZF 8HP Transmission Service
  152. DIY: Cabin Filter
  153. DIY: 28i to 35i Brake Upgrade
  154. 2010 X1 2.3DXDrive fuel consumption issues
  155. X1 e84 door handle lights missing
  156. New project : 2011 X1 change into LED wing mirror
  157. In the middle of transfer case fluid change, questions before I bolt it all back up!!
  158. AC condenser
  159. Oil Cap Tool
  160. Replacing Amber Turn Signal Piece (Xeon Headlight)
  161. Thermostat
  162. Anyone Know How 2 Remove a Dinan Box
  163. Failed Transfer Case Fluid Change
  164. Want to Remove the Annoying Phone Cradle? Here's how
  165. Who's Installed Their Own Remote Car Starter
  166. what is the new of the self shell oil
  167. MAF Sensor Cleaning
  168. Replacing all Halogen bulbs
  169. E84 Hi-fi amp Pin out
  170. Approved BMW LL-01 motor oil / Sale Alert
  171. turn signal burned housing again
  172. Lifted drivers seat 12mm
  173. X1 sDrive
  174. Disconecting Car Battery
  175. Passenger Air Vent Removal - PN 64229258363
  176. 35i: Transfer Case Support Removal?
  177. Oxygen Sensor Heater
  178. "Restoring" leatherette?
  179. E84 Exhaust Tail Tip
  180. Passenger mirror removal from arm
  181. Front PDC sensor replacement
  182. Change turbo oil supply line myself?
  183. No Alarm Possible to retrofit?
  184. New e84 Owner, after some help
  185. How to replace broken fog light assembly
  186. DIY: Windshield/Headlight Washer Pump Access
  187. E84 radio wiring help
  188. Replacing Pass Side Side View Mirror
  189. JB4 firmware updates?
  190. ODB for modding X1 2016
  191. Programming - X1 2016
  192. How are the Headlamp Assemblies removed?
  193. Transmission Fluid Change on X1 35i
  194. Oil + Filter Change SDrive 20D
  195. DIY X1 Car Repair Manual
  196. No iDrive, need bluetooth via USB only
  197. Anyone Installed Their Own Remote Car Starter
  198. Car Care Products
  199. Audio: Anyone modify the tweeters?
  200. Exhaust Tips Touch Up
  201. Will E90 sport seats fit in an X1
  202. Replaced OEM Rotors and pads with Cross Drilled And Slotted rotors and ceramic pads
  203. Turbo replaced under CPO
  204. Brake Pad Sensor
  205. JB4 Bluetooth Connect V3 power?
  206. Code p3106?
  207. Service Engine Soon - illogic
  208. PDC Fault
  209. Changed brake pads...now very soft pedal
  210. I want to enter the retrofit world
  211. X1 E84 Towbar wiring question
  212. Can anyone assist with X1 coolant exchange?
  213. Hella aftermarket daytime running lights
  214. Cold start issues
  215. trailer hitch help
  216. Android Auto Install
  217. Creaky Caliper
  218. Can I upgrade to Harmon Karden and add Navigation?
  219. Vacuum Issues causing Check Engine Light
  220. Blend Door Acuator
  221. how many quart for a drain and fill of the ZF8 tranny ?
  222. Oil grade per millage
  223. Thermostat Replacement without Coolant Drain
  224. x1 35i Wierd Brake Wear
  225. Auto Dimming Mirrors Coding
  226. 4X4 ABS light on. Transfer case nylon gear replacement
  227. Anyone ever add OEM heated seats and controls
  228. X1 Passenger Seat Removal
  229. E84 X1 retrofit professional radio
  230. Starter for X1 vs X3 6 cyl
  231. Double Slat Black Kidney Grill DIY for my Black E84 2015 Xdrive 28i (Used)
  232. Rear rotor job
  233. Engine Malfunction after DIY
  234. Cylinder head assembly
  235. Manual transmission swap for the N55
  236. non-ISO JB4 firmware anyone?
  237. Backup camera issues
  238. Diagnostics software
  239. 2012 E84 Front Brake Size Issue
  240. Steering Wheel compatibility question
  241. Clogged windshield sprayer
  242. Looking for upgrades
  243. Door Open Warning stuck
  244. Transmission drain/fill. To DIY or no?
  245. Shifter Update on xDrive35i, aFe, 4x4, Quad Exhaust etc.
  246. How to detach two hoses onto engine cover
  247. Relay switches
  248. coolant leak near transmission pan
  249. roof rack, kidney grill, emblems
  250. DIY: Change your Front Brake Pads and Sensor